Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What does it mean to you to be collaborating with this group of women?

We had a good meeting on Sunday. Seven people came, a good representative of the variety in the group. I asked each person at the meeting to share their notes or reflections from the meeting on this blog. I hope those of you who didn't come to the meeting but who are interested in sharing your thoughts about being part of this project will also post to or comment on this blog so that the conversation can continue.

The question I'd like to write in response to is, What does it mean to you to be collaborating with this group of women? 

This group of women includes colleagues, friends, and acquaintances from several circles, people older and younger than me, those who are my teachers and mentors as well as students. I am approaching this project as a learning experience. As instigator/facilitator, my role is like being a teacher, and writing up the invitation felt a bit like writing an assignment. But I am hoping more and more to have my role be that of a student, to learn from the diverse perspectives that everyone brings to this project. It is also a chance to build community, and make artwork that draws its meaning from its context in that community.

Please post your thoughts and questions!

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  1. Could you or anyone else who attended the meeting say a little more about what was discussed? I'd appreciate hearing more about the meeting itself. Thanks, Carol I.