Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Participant list with assigned days and percentages

1. 0-1% Angela Hed
2. 1-3% Sonja Olson
waxing crescent
3. 3-8% Erin Maurelli
4. 8-15% Beth Dorsey
5. 15-23% Barb Gibson
6. 23-33% Sara R. Parr
7. 33-43% Olga S. Ricalde Moreno
first quarter
8. 44-53% Allison Bolah
waxing gibbous
9. 56-62% AnaLaura Juarez
10. 67-75% Betsy Byers
11. 77-84% Raychel Steinbach
12. 86-91% Anna Boyer
13. 93-96% Lynda Monick-Isenberg
14. 98-99% Holly Rios
15. 99-100% Hend Al-Mansour
16. 99-100% Rebecca Alm
waning gibbous
17. 95-99% A.K. Vincent
18. 90-96% Mary Leikvold
19. 83-91% Diana Eicher
20. 75-84% Laura Brown
21. 67-75% Monica Edwards-Larson
22. 57-65% Carol Inderieden
third quarter
23. 48-54% Jennifer Hibbard
waning crescent
24. 39-43% Pat Benincasa
25. 29-32% CB Sherlock
26. 21-23% Bridget O’Malley
27. 13-15% Abbi Allan
28. 6-9% Caitlin Warner
29. 2-4% Emily Hoisington


  1. Hi Emily et al,
    First an apology for getting so far behind on this project. As many of you know this all began as CVA was falling apart. I was so happy to be invited to participate-a positive in a time of ovewhelming loss -- as I saw 20 years of my life coming to a sudden and unexpected conclusion. Those of you who know me understand that making deadlines is something I do--well I guess that has changed. So sorry Emily and friends for falling behind.

    I am working on an image that I would like to print. Have a drawing to work from. I do have a couple of questions. The illumination percentage? Is there a way in Photoshop that I can estimate the percentage of black in my image? I am focused on specific subject--that is very dark, though my responsibility is for the waning gibbous at 93-96% I can make the image faint by using light value, but I have no idea how to estimate the percentage of that value? Ideas?

    I am also likely underestimating the amount of time it will take me to print...and have had some ideas that may push the idea of a print out of the traditional printmaking realm---.

    And Emily, could you put the paper size and requirements up here or send them to me again? I have lost them somewhere as I changed over emails.

    Thank you!


    1. ---kept digging Emily and I found the info

      Size: 10 x 7 inches, landscape orientation - Paper should be flexible, text-weight paper with the grain running in the 7” inch direction (parallel to the binding). Any printmaking or papermaking medium is welcome, but please leave a full inch on the left-hand side of the print to accommodate binding. Any imagery printed in this area will not be visible in the bound books.

      Edition: 35 - 28 sets to be bound into books and distributed to each of the participants. Two sets of prints will be reserved for exhibition; one bound and one unbound. The remaining books will be available to donate to museum collections.

  2. Hey Lynda,

    I have been using charts like this that are used for photography to estimate the approximate value of light and dark.

    I hope that's helpful!